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Maintainer: WinClear
OS: Windows
Genre: Anti-forensics
License: Commercial

"Securely erases your computer and Internet history."

  • Easy to use
  • Browser Compatibility
  • Frees Disk Space
  • Safe
  • File Shredder
  • Schedule Options
  • LiveUpdate
Winclear Completely Erases:
  • Cache
  • Cookies (except the ones that you want to keep)
  • Temporary internet files
  • Browser History.
  • All your histories securely by "wiping" the data unrecoverable
  • Address drop-list box data /Location Bar
  • RECYCLE BIN files automatically at Windows start up
  • TEMP folder files
  • Scandisk File Fragments
  • Registry Streams
  • Windows Fragmented Files
  • Windows Start Menu Run/Find History
  • Windows MediaPlayer Recent File List
  • Windows Temporary Files Directory
  • Windows Recent Documented list automatically at Windows start up
  • Auto Complete Data Forms
  • Unnecessary disk usage and Frees Disk Space - FAT/FAT32/NTFS
  • Index.dat file (this file is always LOCKED during a Windows session and can not be deleted manually).

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