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Haydar Yener ARICI 09.11.1982 is born in Ankara and resides in Ankara. Until this time, he worked in many IT companies and took part in domestic and foreign duties. In 2012, Windows Server 2008 and Windows Server 2008 R2 books were offered for sale. Again in the same year, MVP, Microsoft's Most Valuable Professional Award, has won 34 countries in the world and 3,000 in the world. Author; After completing his 18-month military service, he graduated from Anatolian University Faculty of Economics / Department of Economics in 2010. After his undergraduate studies, he completed Master of Business Administration - Finance at Ankara University, Faculty of Political Sciences.   After graduating from the Faculty of Political Sciences of Ankara University, he completed his masters degree in Hacettepe University Faculty of Law / Department of Informatics (Forensic Informatics).   The author works as a specialist in the Information Systems Department in the leading institution in Turkey and has the certifications stated.   Microsoft Certified Trainer Microsoft Certified IT Professional Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist Microsoft Certified Professional Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (2012)