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I have a PhD in Information Technology and specialise in digital forensics, eDiscovery and investigations management systems.

I have appeared many times as an expert witness in criminal and civil matters heard in the District and Supreme Courts of Western Australia and the Federal Court of Australia. In addition I have liaised between clients and agencies such as the ATO and ASIC in respect of agreeing protocols for producing electronic company documents. This had the benefit of reducing the impact for clients while satisfying the requirements of the government agencies.

I have more than 30 years experience within the field of Information Technology and have led the digital forensic team of a Big Four professional services firm for nine years.I have also assisted various government agencies in relation to digital forensics such as the:

• Australian Securities and Investment Commission • Department of Fisheries • Fisheries Management Authority • Department of Commerce • Electoral Commission

My broad background in Information Technology includes software development, hardware design, telecommunications systems and the application of technology to investigations for both law enforcement and other organisations.

My university work includes the development of new course in digital forensics and identifying partnership opportunities between commerce, law enforcement and academia. I am particularly interested in developing tools and processes for the 'next generation' of digital forensics aimed at addressing the issue of increasing data volumes.