Kernel for VMDK Recovery

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Kernel for VMDK Recovery
Maintainer: KernelDataRecovery
OS: Windows
Genre: Analysis
License: Shareware


VMDK Recovery was launched in April 2018, by Kernel Data Recovery adding another recovery tool to their recovery software library. VMDK Recovery tool focuses on repair and recovery of virtual machine files gone corrupt or damaged due to many reasons. Continuing the standalone DNA like other Kernel Data Recovery software, Kernel for VMDK Recovery works without the need of any virtual machine. The standalone tool is available as a freemium product and can be used on any version of Microsoft Windows operating system including Windows 10.

From the official launch, Kernel for VMDK Recovery was made available based on the freemium model. The free version also packs the features that come with the paid version, but with some limitations.

A user can repair a highly corrupt or bad damaged VMDK file, and further recover only 250MB of data from it for free, thus, for removing the file size restriction, the user can choose between different License categories he/she falls in.

File Format

VMDK file format is supported by Kernel for VMDK Recovery software. VMDK stands for “Virtual Machine Disk,” a file format which defines containers for virtual hard disk drives to be used in Virtual Machines, for example, VMware Workstation & Virtual Box.

VMDK file format was initially developed by VMware for their virtual appliance products. The latest file format available is VMDK 5.0 as an open format, which is also one of the disk formats used inside the Open Virtualization format for virtual appliances.

User Interface

The User-interface is simple and intuitive with the color combination of blue, white, and grey in different sections of the tool throughout the UI. From corrupt VMDK file selection to final data recovery, navigation is hassle free & easy.

From selecting a corrupt VMDK file to moving onto the next step, the UI – User-Interface gets rich and updated with the relevant information displayed in different sections. For specific process steps, the interface gets updated with relevant sections to present specific results justifying the step. Additionally, the tool is made with the application of native operating system framework resulting in small application size, faster launch, and operation.

Flawless File Recovery

It supports the recovery of all types of VMDK files supported by VMware Workstation and VirtualBox and offers full control over the VMDK file item recovery.

Find Option

The built-in Find option is integrated within the tool empowering the user to obtain all relevant results matching to the search string. Find allows a faster search of items stored inside the VMDK file no matter how big it is and in which partition it is stored.

Live Preview

Live Preview is one powerful feature common amongst most of the tools offered by Kernel Data Recovery, with this feature the user can ensure the data originality and it also offers the option to choose whether one wishes to recover either all or select files from the corrupt or damaged VMDK file.

Save Snapshot

With the Snapshot feature, the user can resume and pause the whole procedure of corrupt VMDK file repair and recovery. The user literally can stop at any time frame during the ongoing process and resume from the same time frame.

Customizable Settings

This feature allows selection of specific sectors to be read in a single scan, providing full control over the scan process, ending with faster results and less time required. Additionally, this feature allows the user to skip, overwrite, include/exclude, duplicate/delete the items at the time of VMDK file recovery.


Hardware: 128MB memory (minimum) + 50 MB of disk space.
Processor: Intel Pentium (minimum).
Software: Microsoft Windows from XP to Windows 10.


The tool is available to buy & download with three different license formats, which are Home License, Corporate License, and Technician License respectively. As per the license, category prices vary.

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