Kernel for VHD Recovery

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Kernel for VHD Recovery
Maintainer: KernelDataRecovery
OS: Windows
Genre: Analysis
License: Shareware


Since the initial launch, Kernel for VHD Recovery is available as a freemium software on the Internet. The free version is available for public use to test & evaluate the software, using the live file preview feature one can judge the tool’s ability.

The free version of the tool is allowed to recover only 250 MB of data/file(s), to unlock the tool’s full potential, the user can choose from different License formats matching to the user requirements.

File Format

Kernel for VHD Recovery supports both VHD & VHDX file formats. VHD stands for “Virtual Hard Disk,” and it can contain disk partitions and file system, same as what is found on a physical hard drive. For a virtual machine, the VHD file is used as the hard drive.

VHDX abbreviation for “Virtual Hard Disk v2,” us the next-gen file format to VHD. Comparatively a VHDX format file can store 64TB of data which is greater than the 2048GB of VHD file’s capacity limit.

A VHDX file can be mounted like a VHD file, it protects against power failures, and is used by Hyper-V virtual machine.

User Interface

Kernel for VHD Recovery tool’s UI – User-Interface is minimal and responsive. In tool, navigation is simplified with three distinct file scan options to choose from, followed by file selection.

With simplified screen flows, it is quite easy to operate the tool back & forth throughout the process. Both free & consumed disk space data is represented graphically upon successful completion of file load & scan.


Quick File Search

With Quick File Search, the tool enables the user to search for any file irrespective of file type & size even before file recovery. User can specify the file type/format to start the search for the file and recovery it quickly.

Configure Recovery Settings

The user can set or specify different filter(s) such as sectors to read in a single go, include/exclude files, rename, overwrite, skip duplicate entries, etc. It helps in reducing the end file size and faster recovery completion

Recovery Modes

Kernel for VHD Recovery is bundled with three different scan & recovery modes which are Quick Scan, Extensive Scan, and File Trace modes. Quick mode is the recommended one, but for intense file corruption cases, select either Extensive Scan or File trace mode, as per the need.

Compatibility with All VHD/VHDX Files

The tool is compatible with VHD files made in varying operating ecosystems such as Hyper-V, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows Server 2016, Windows Server 2012 R2, Windows Server 2008, Windows 7, and Windows Vista including the support for both FAT & NTFS file systems.

Retrieve & Extract Delete Files

With support for recovery of items contained inside the VHD file, the user can also look for files that are permanently deleted. Upon completion of the file scan, file recovery can be initiated.

No File Size Restriction

There is no restriction on file size; the user can load, scan, and recover select or all full-size files to any specified location on local hard-disk or removable media.


Hardware: 128MB memory (minimum) + 50 MB of disk space.
Processor: Intel Pentium (minimum).
Software: Microsoft Windows from XP to Windows 10


Kernel for VHD Recovery is available in three different License options, Home License, Corporate License, & Technician License respectively. As per the license category, prices vary including the trial version available for free to test & evaluate before making the purchase.

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