Kernel for SQL Database Recovery

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Kernel for SQL Database Recover
Maintainer: KernelDataRecovery
OS: Windows
Genre: Analysis
License: Shareware


Kernel for SQL Database Recovery is an advanced tool which accompanies the user with the ability to handle all errors & issues with ease; there’s no requirement for the user to be trained in such field or have any technical background to start using the software.

Saving on live server or local hard disk space, providing full control over database objects, recovery of deleted records, etc. are impressive features that make it stand out from other tools.

File Format

Kernel for SQL Database Recovery supports MDF & NDF format database files. MDF stands for "Master Database Files," and NDF stands for "Secondary Data Files."

MDF file is termed as Primary Data File which is the starting point of the database. Data inside the database objects such as tables, stored procedures, views, triggers, and more are stored in the primary data files.

A database can have only one primary data file which is MDF, and the rest files are secondary data files, though it’s not necessary to have a secondary data file thus, some databases may & some may not have a secondary database file, and some databases may have multiple secondary data files.

User Interface

The tool claims a simple user interface and offers easy navigation throughout the process of repair & recovery of corrupt and damaged database files.

Once the healthy/corrupt/damaged/inaccessible database file is selected and loaded, the software UI refreshes and displays all database objects, and the user can check the objects’ data by clicking on the object. After an object is selected, the data preview is generated and displayed inside the preview pane. Within the Saving Mode window, both live transfer/migration & local batch file save options are embedded to minimize the number of clicks & efforts.


Fixes SQL Database Issues

The tool enables the users to repair database files turned corrupted or damaged due to various reasons such as interrupted file transfer, virus attack, power outage, sudden system failure, etc. File repair followed by recovery completes in the least average time possible as per the size of the database file.

Full Control on Database Objects

Kernel for SQL Database Recovery is an efficient software and is capable of restoring full database objects. It provides the user with full control over the database objects. Thus, it also allows to open & view database file items, and as per the need, the user can recover or transfer all or selected items to a new database file.

Recover Deleted Records

The tool can recover permanently deleted records by recovering MS SQL Server backup files and generating the script. Additionally, the user can create a new database and command to save recovered records into the new database created.

Supports UNICODE Characters

SQL Database Recovery software also provides support for UNICODE characters for database recovery enabling the user for data restoration in different languages resulting in no readability issues upon completion of database file recovery successfully.

Extensive Compatibility

The tool is made to offer wide compatibility for different versions of Windows Operating System ranging from Windows XP to Windows 10 (the latest Windows build) and SQL Server from 2003 build to 2017.

Maintains Data Integrity & Original File Structure

SQL Database Recovery software is bundled with an advance setting to assist the user in retaining the integrity of restored objects even after successful completion of recovery procedure of SQL Database files and maintain original file structure irrespective of the level of file corruption or damage.


Hardware: 128MB memory (minimum) + 50 MB of disk space.
Processor: Intel Pentium (minimum).
Software: Microsoft Windows from XP to Windows 10


Choose from three different License formats as per your requirements & use, which are Corporate, Technician, and Bundle License.

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