Kernel for SQL Backup Recovery

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Kernel for SQL Backup Recovery
Maintainer: KernelDataRecovery
OS: Windows
Genre: Analysis
License: Shareware


SQL Backup Recovery is an advanced tool made to provide comfort to users such as DBAs, testers, administrators, with features like MDF/NDF file(s) restoration, full control on data objects, live preview, and more, to fill the space left empty by native tools.

With wide support for different versions of Microsoft SQL Server & Windows operating system, the tool offers high compatibility for both high & low-end computer systems.

File Format

The tool is compatible with the BAK file format, which is commonly used to associate a backup copy of a file. The .bak naming scheme makes retrieval possible of the original contents of a file.

The BAK file contains a copy of original data, due to which the restoration of original MDF and NDF files becomes possible using Kernel for SQL Backup Recovery.

User Interface

The SQL Backup Recovery tool boasts an interactive UI – User-Interface, which offers high user-friendliness for ease in operations. To further simplify both user interaction and operation, the user flow is made smooth and informative for each step included in the process of file(s) restoration from the backup file or copy.

Different options for saving the recovered data are bundled together within a single window; thus, the user only needs to click on a few buttons to perform repair & restoration with no hassles throughout the process.

Got any doubts about a step or confused regarding anything else? To provide better user assistance, a link that redirects to our help page for more details on the same is embedded to the bottom of every critical/important step window.


Recover MDF & NDF Files from BAK Files

Recover MDF & NDF files from SQL Server database BAK (backup) files within a few clicks, including the partial recovery of database objects such as tables, stored procedures, defaults, rules, triggers, functions, etc.

Retrieve SQL Data from Corrupt BAK Files

The tool eliminates the need for downloading or having installed any native tool on the system; it enables the user to open both healthy & corrupt files instantly. Further, the user can save data to the desired location.

Automatic Identification of SQL Database Version

The tool detects the version of SQL Server database automatically upon software launch and successful database backup file load. There is another option available to select the SQL Server database version manually especially for severe cases of data file corruption.

Save Backup Data Using SQL Scripts

SQL Backup Recovery tool also offers the option to save SQL Backup data to a file using SQL Scripts at any desired location with no need of a server, and later this batch file can be used with a SQL Server.

Export Data to Live SQL Server

With this feature, the user can export recovered data from the database backup file to a Live SQL Server using the SQL login credentials, Windows or Server authentication.

SQL Backup Recovery in Simple Steps

It's in the DNA of products offered by Kernel Data Recovery to offer simplicity and overall ease throughout the product usage, in only three steps the user can perform SQL Server database backup file recovery. Thus, no technical expertise is required.


Hardware: 128MB memory (minimum) + 50 MB of disk space.
Processor: Intel Pentium (minimum).
Software: Microsoft Windows from XP to Windows 10


Kernel for SQL Backup Recovery is available in three different license formats Home, Corporate, and Technician license. Also, the trial version of the tool is available for free to download to try and evaluate the tool before making the purchase.

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