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Word Repair Tool
Maintainer: SysTools
OS: Windows
Genre: Analysis
License: Commercial
Website: https://www.systoolsgroup.com/word-repair.html

Word Repair Tool initiated by SysTools , is a top-quality software to repair Word files from corruption & damage. Irrespective of the severity level of the corruption, Word recovery tool is capable to repair corrupted Word files created in MS Office 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016, and 2019. The original formatting of the Word file is kept intact and unaltered while recovering Word files.


MS Word Repair Tool has been designed to repair word files and remove all kinds of corruptions that may occur in a Word document. Word files generated by MS Office 2007 and its above versions are supported by this Word recovery tool to repair damaged Word files. During the whole process, the software recovers each and every component of a Word file with precision.

Recover Erroneous Word Files

The principal function of the Word recovery tool is to repair word files to minimize corruption issues. This software can seamlessly repair corrupted Word files consist of multiple pages. Even in the case of severely corrupt documents, the tool functions with equal efficiency while recovering Word files.

Save and Print Word Documents

Post the recovery from the corrupt state, every Word file can be saved in the user-specified location using Word File repair software. If there is a requirement of having a hard copy of that file, users can directly print the file from the preview mode without saving the file.

Fix Microsoft Word Errors

Often, corrupted Word files generate various error messages. MS Word Repair Tool can permanently fix corrupted Word file errors as well as remove all the MS Word errors including some major ones, such as:

1. Word cannot open the document

2. Word file is corrupted and cannot be opened

3. Word was unable to read this document. It may be corrupt

4. Word experienced an error trying to open the file

Support Rich Text Formatting

For recovering Word files with the Rich Text format, Word Repair Tool is the ideal solution. Rich Text documents usually contain objects other than plain text like Header & Footer, Lines, Shapes, Icons, Hyperlinks, Smart Art, Charts, Tables, 3D Models, OLE Objects, embedded pictures and multimedia files, comments. This Word recovery tool has advanced features to repair corrupted Word files and capable of previewing Word files in a healthy document.

Locate Corrupt Documents

When the precise locations of the damaged Word files are unknown to the users, the Word file repair tool can help to locate the Word files from the local system. While selecting the system drive with the help of Search mode, Word repair software fetch all Word files located in the drive, including its file path and size. In the search process, sub-folders is also be included to repair damaged Word files

Data Integrity Retention

Maintenance of a Word file is crucial to repair word files. The Word Repair Tool puts emphasis on all the important parts of a Word file like font, style, format, layout, design, theme, and template during the repairing process.

Recover Bulk Files

The Word recovery tool permits adding a bulk number of Word files for recovering Word files. Add File(s) option lets users add files of their choice using CTRL key. Add Folder option can be used to include all the damaged documents from a single folder in a go.

Preview Repaired Files

After repairing, every Word file can be previewed in two different modes: Rich Text mode and Plain Text mode. While rich text mode displays Word file in its original format, plain text mode will allow viewing only the text part of a document. During the preview, Word Repair Tool allows users to view the document in 100% view, whole page view, 2 pages view, page width view, etc. Word repair software also offers features like zoom in/out, copy, print, and search during preview mode.

Retrieve Images of Word Files

Along with all other included objects, Word recovery tool can recover the embedded and included images of a Word file. All the images/ pictures can be retrieved easily with the help of Word file repair tool.

Standalone Functionality

Word Repair Tool doesn’t require any additional support application to repair corrupted Word files. However, for the purpose of previewing Word document before saving, installation of MS Office 2007 or any above version on the user system is necessary.

Microsoft Word Compatibility

This Word repair software supports Word file documents created while using MS Office 2007 and its upper versions. Any lower version of Microsoft Office than MS Office 2007 is not suitable for this program.


For information regarding the license of this Word file repair tool, visit the official website.

Technical Support

The support team of Word Repair Tool is 24/7 available for any software related queries. The dedicated support team can be reached via phone calls, live chat, emails, and token service 24/7. Our team will be there for the users to help them in recovering Word files.

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