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As a Wikipedia user, I have noticed that none of your articles have categories. Did you know that categories exist in MediaWiki? If yes, is there a reason? I would like to start work on it. Special:Categories, --Midnightcomm 01:09, 23 April 2006 (EDT)

Woah, I don't know much about Categories. How would I add them? What are they for?
Categories are used to help organize pages. I also see that there are no help articles, in the absance if them, I will be using the Wikipedia style guides. --Midnightcomm 01:09, 23 April 2006 (EDT)
[[Category:File Systems]]
Sounds good to me. We welcome your contributions.
Yay! I'm all for categories. I've started adding some (tools, licenses, OSes, ...), feel free to add more and categorize the articles. --Uwe Hermann 15:03, 23 April 2006 (EDT)
How do you add categories? --SImson
Usually you just add [[Category:Foobar]] somewhere at the bottom of the page, more info here. For the tools, I have incorporated the category into the Infobox, see dd for an example. It looks a bit stupid in the wiki source, but keeps the wiki category and the "Genre:" classification in one place, which is important IMHO. Btw, you can sign your "posts" with "--~~~~" which will expand to username and date, just like on this post. --Uwe Hermann 21:45, 2 May 2006 (EDT)


Hi, a quick message regarding Tools: it's true that Tools was getting quite big, but I think one page which lists all tools with a one-liner description is actually quite useful. For better readability and so on, I suggest we use categories which breaks up the tools quite nicely, too. Thoughts? --Uwe Hermann 15:26, 30 April 2006 (EDT)

Well, there are so many different kinds of tools. I don't see the advantage of having tools about reconstructing MBRs on the same page as tools that do anti-forensics. Somebody who wants to see all of the tools can do a search for "Tools."
Hm, true. Maybe there's a possibility to show all items in a category (and it's subcategories) on one page, that'd be nice and sufficient. Will check... --Uwe Hermann 21:45, 2 May 2006 (EDT)
How do you get that nice User: stuff inserted automatically? Anyway, I think that putting the analysis tools all on one page makes sense. But not imaging tools, or steg-tools, or visualization tools. Thanks for the info on categories.
See above, simply add "--~~~~" (without the quotes) and press "Show preview", it will be expanded to your username and the current date... --Uwe Hermann 04:03, 4 May 2006 (EDT)