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Raymond Rivera Sr. Computer Forensic & Intrusion Analyst at The Electronic On-Ramp, Inc. (EOR) mrraymondrivera@live.com Summary A Senior Examiner with a demonstrated history of working in the United States Government and

Military. Skilled in Computer Repair, Law Enforcement, Intelligence Analysis, Digital Forensics, and a
penetration testing enthusiast.

Experience Sr. Computer Forensic & Intrusion Analyst* @ DC3 Lab at The Electronic On-Ramp, Inc. (EOR) May 2018 - Present Researches, monitors and analyzes intelligence data and makes recommendations based on that


Provides forensic examination support for the Department of Defense and supporting organizations.

Conducts forensic examination processes on a variety of media including hard drives, thumb
drives, memory cards, and cellular devices.

Creates detailed notes on processes undertaken and develops forensic reports in support of

criminal investigation and prosecution. Assists the customer in developing new and innovative
forensic processes and procedures. Conducts peer reviews of other examiners' reporting and
serves as a mentor for less experienced examiners. Provides expert witness testimony in both
military and civilian courts in support of forensic examinations conducted by the examiner.

Digital Forensics Examiner at TransPerfect June 2016 - May 2018 (2 years) - Conducting full and targeted collections to facilitate the preservation of electronic data, user

documents, and email in PC and Mac environments, network shares, and corporate file/email

- Conduct onsite custodian interviews to determine responsive data types and locations. - Assist in the development and execution of remote collection projects. - Create custom solutions to digital forensics related limitations. - Conduct mobile device examinations as well as analysis to recover deleted artifacts using industry

standard forensic tools.

- Generate expert reports pertaining to specific civil matters in both "first-findings" and rebuttal


- Conduct extensive sandbox testing of new forensic tools and in-house tools using virtual


- Frequently travel to various locations on short notice to facilitate large-scale forensic collections. Senior Instructor @ DCITA at CSRA Inc December 2015 - June 2016 (7 months) Teaching courses in any of five DCITA's focus domains: Technology, Responders, Forensics,

Network Investigations, and Cyber Counterintelligence. As assigned also responsible for
development, and evaluation of certain courses. In addition produce online content for CyberCasts
(Online instructional videos on Cyber related Technologies), Emerging Technologies articles and
Online tutorials.

Senior Instructor @ DCITA at TEKsystems June 2015 - December 2015 (7 months) Teaching courses in any of five DCITA focus domains: Technology, Responders, Forensics,

Network Investigations, and Cyber Counterintelligence. In addition I am also be responsible for
the design, development, and evaluation of all courses, instructional media, and training support

IT Consultant at Elite Technical January 2015 - June 2015 (6 months) Worked on Windows 7 Migration project at Estee Lauder Companies. Digital Forensics Consultant September 2013 - June 2015 (1 year 10 months) Digital Forensic Investigations Perform electronic discovery or a full digital forensics investigation in support of disputes such as IP

theft, fraud, unauthorized data deletion, harassment, document validation or spoliation. We analyze
digital evidence pertaining to these and other matters to determine the facts surrounding an event.

Insider Threat Investigations Employee theft and embezzlement, intellectual property violations, and misuse of company

property are a common insider threats.  We analyze digital evidence pertaining to various internal
matters to determine the facts surrounding an event.

Contract Trainer at Micro Systemation August 2014 - October 2014 (3 months) Delivered training courses in the field of mobile device forensics Senior Media Exploitation Analyst at L-3 National Security Solutions November 2012 - September 2013 (11 months) Mobile Phone and Media Device Forensics. Sensitive and Tactical Site Exploitation. All-Source

analysis, CI Screener and Biometrics Enrollment trainer. Subject Matter Expert (SME) for all Media
Exploitation issues within program.

Senior Media Exploitation Expert at Celestar Holdings Corporation January 2012 - September 2012 (9 months) District lead for media exploitation. Analyze all exploitation items found in the battle space.

Coordinate with brigade/battalion leadership and other intelligence entities on exploitable items.
Exploited and analyzed captured enemy materials and how they relate to the battalions battle
space. Coordinated, exploited, and analyzed evidence concerning the RC(S) shooting involving
the deaths of ISAF personnel. SME for all new units on how evidence is processed, exploited,
analyzed, and findings related to captured enemy material. Trained brigade and battalion
personnel on exploitation, determine relevancy of captured enemy material, handling, and
transporting of evidence. Developed training program for brigade level personnel on the evidence
process and site exploitation. Coordinate with additional external entities on all evidence exploited
and any finding that might be associated. Exploited all documents and media from detainees in
order to assist during the interrogation process. Constructed and maintain an exploitation tracker
to keep brigade and division abreast of all captured enemy material found in the battle space.
Responsible for analysis, reporting, data basing and dissemination of Afghanistan measures of
stability which include security, governance and development, human terrain analysis, preparation
of provincial and district assessments, high value individual targeting products, and extremist/
regional threat network nodal analysis.

ADPE Tech/Helpdesk Tech at Exelis (Now part of Harris Corporation) October 2010 - January 2012 (1 year 4 months) Fielded over 1000 trouble tickets from various different task forces throughout the base and

surrounding FOBs. I was appointed as Information Management Officer Course Manager. Trained
60+ Information Management Officers on roles, rules and basic troubleshooting. Considered "GO
TO" person for advanced or unknown issues. Pivotal trainer of Military counterparts to meet and
exceed demanding job requirements.

Site Manager/ATFP SME at URS Corporation January 2010 - August 2010 (8 months) Built entire program from ground up to task order compliant standard. Planned, developed and

implemented Escort monitor program which conducted restricted access security for over 100
Local National Third Count Nationals. Provided expert knowledge to the Air Force on a full
spectrum of ATFP issues.

Sr Information Systems Technician at Mission Essential ® 2009 - 2009 (1 year) Operated and maintained information systems, facilitating system utilization. Including data

management, procedure writing, writing job setup instructions, and performing program librarian
functions. Assisted in designing and coordinating the development of integrated information system
databases. Installed and maintained multi-platform networking computer environments, a variety
of data networks, and a diverse set of telecommunications infrastructures. Scheduled information
gathering for content in a multiple system environment. Was responsible for the operation,
programming, and configuration of many pieces of electronics, hardware and software. Investigate,
troubleshoot, and resolve end-user problems, conducted ongoing assessments of short and longterm

hardware and software needs for companies, developing, testing, and implementing new and

revised programs. Cooperated with other staff to inventory, maintain and manage computer and
communication systems.

Site Supervisor at Torres AES January 2008 - November 2008 (11 months) Provided a safe and secure environment while deterring acts of terrorism against DoD personnel,

assets, and facilities. Through an effective, proactive, and viable development and implementation
of FP and AT programs to service our costumer and tenant commands.

Information Systems Supervisor at US Navy November 2005 - August 2007 (1 year 10 months) Worked with other information technology management professionals to install, maintain, and

upgrade technology systems and RF systems. Oversaw a team of IT administrators and support
personnel responsible for the day-to-day operation of the IT network and system components.

Maritime Law Enforcement at US Navy March 2004 - November 2005 (1 year 9 months) Joined Security as a Jr. Supervisor to ensure safety and security for a base with strategic

importance and with Billions of dollars in high-value assets as a Force Protection and AntiTerrorism

Expert. Effectively trained peers, resulting in 3 Force Protection Managers qualification

and 28 Maritime Law Enforcement Team Members.

Naval Law Enforcement Officer at US Navy January 2004 - March 2004 (3 months) Trained to provide the Navy as an anti-terror/ Force Protection security specialist with physical

security, and law enforcement duties on land and at sea. Received Virginia Beach Police Academy

Education Champlain College Bachelor of Science - BS, Digital Forensics, 2015 - 2018 Champlain College Computer Forensics & Digital Investigations Certificate, Computer Forensics & Digital

Investigations, 2015 - 2017

Advanced Electronics Technical Core Technical Certification, Electrical, Electronic and Communications Engineering

Technology, 2001 - 2002

Activities and Societies: Distinguished Graduate St. Joseph's of the Palisades High School Diploma, General Studies, 1999 - 2001 Activities and Societies: Poetry Club, Debate/Law Club and After School intermurals Emerson High School High School, General Studies, 1996 - 1999 Raymond Rivera Sr. Computer Forensic & Intrusion Analyst at The Electronic On-Ramp, Inc. (EOR) mrraymondrivera@live.com Contact Raymond on LinkedIn