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Unlock PDF Files
Maintainer: SysTools
OS: Windows
Genre: Analysis
License: Commercial
Website: https://www.systoolsgroup.com/pdf-unlocker.html

Unlock PDF Files initiated by SysTools , is the advanced feature provided by PDF Unlocker Software. The utility is designed in such a way that it can unlock secured PDF documents for printing/copying/ editing etc. Moreover, it also supports to remove owner level password security from PDF files. It also provides multiple features such as preview permissions of PDF file, user-friendly interface, high performance and much more.


This PDF Unlock Tool allows removing of signature restrictions and enables form filling in PDF document files. Additionally, it also permits to unlock PDF files in batch mode with business or enterprise license. The Adobe Acrobat installation is not required to remove security from PDF. The tool supports all advanced and below version of Windows Operating System.

Product Overview

The tool unlock PDF files in such a way that it can remove password protection in a just few clicks. It also saves the resultant file in a new folder. It provides various options such as retains file integrity and removes PDF signing and comment restriction, etc. It supports all the versions of Windows Operating systems. Thus, no compatibility issues are integrated with it.


There are numerous features associated with this PDF Security Remover software such as high efficiency, easy-to-use interface, no data loss issues, and so on. Mainly, the application smoothly unlock PDF files from owner level password security without any obstruction.

Remove Owner Password from PDF

The SysTools PDF Unlock tool can remove owner level password security from PDF document file and can simply unlock portable document format file restrictions. Also, if there is any user level password implemented on the PDF file then one can unlock it by facilitating the respective password when prompted. Once the PDF gets unlocked, the outcome PDF file will not display for the password to open.

Remove Security from PDF in Batch

If you have several PDF files all having a common PDF file password protection or with some special restrictions then this application can unlock PDF files for printing, copying, editing and extracting data etc. For a batch mode, one requires to order for Business or Enterprise license of the PDF Unlock software as single user license will work in individual file mode only.

View Permissions

When a user browses and loads any PDF document, the PDF Security Remover will instantly list all of the integrated authorizations. One can view the current status of PDF file permission in After and Before columns separately. Once, PDF file gets unlocked, the permission status review will change on that basis.

Keeps File Integrity

When the tool unlock PDF files it retains the data integrity. It will not make any changes to the original formatting of the PDF document files. Moreover, It will keep the attachments and another formatting untouched for the specific document.

Store File in New Folder

In order to save the PDF document files after removing restrictions, this Adobe PDF Unlock utility permits one to select any desirable location. Once the software unlock PDF files, it offers you to generate a new folder straight away from the application panel itself and store the file into for further appropriateness.

Unlock Comment & Sign Restrictions

This PDF Security Remover utility furnishes to remove PDF comment protection. However, after removing comment security from PDF files one can simply add comments in sticky notes or highlighted text format. Additionally, this software also supports to remove signing restriction PDF files so, that one can smoothly sign their PDF. Ultimately, the signing makes the file authentic and claims the person that the document comes from a verified origin.

Enable Form Filling & Document Assembly

By using this PDF Protection remover software users can remove document assembly restrictions from PDF files. After removing this security one can simply assemble PDF documents without any hindrance. Moreover, if the users are unable to fill details in the PDF forms due to restrictions then, they can take help of this application. Because this utility will unlock PDF files and enable form filling.


This SysTools PDF Unlocker software is available in two versions that are: Demo Version and Paid Version.

Demo Version: This version of the PDF Unlock tool removes security from PDF files. But when you will save the unlocked document, you will get "SysTools" watermark on all the pages of that PDF document.

Full Version: There is no limitation associated with the paid version of the software. This version offers to unlock PDF files & allows users to save the documents without Watermark.


One can contact the support team via sending email, telephonic communication, instant chat and so on. Our technical support is available 24*7 to provide help to fix all kind of technical issues instantly.

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