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Why are we changing links away from internal pages? Jessek 08:42, 22 October 2007 (PDT)

I don't understand your question. Simsong

In a previous version of this page, some of the links pointed to other wiki pages such as Defense Cybercrime Center. In the latest version, these links have been changed to the (external) web sites for the organizations, such as Jessek
Ahh, I understand what he is saying. A single link was changed by myself (not multiple) to an external website. Let me change it to be an internal and an external link. Cobalt2020
Do we have a template or a better way to delineate internal and external pages? Or should the DoD link just be left internal as we have a page for it? Cobalt2020
Oh, I see the issue. If you are inside a DoD network there are hostnames that can be resolved, but when you are on the outside they don't work. I would recommend not using the internal hostnames if at all possible. If there are cases when you want to put information on the wiki where there are no equivalent external hostnames, we could try to work something out...Simsong 18:20, 24 October 2007 (PDT)