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Sharepoint Migration
Maintainer: KernelDataRecovery
OS: Windows
Genre: Analysis
License: Shareware


Kernel Migrator for SharePoint is intelligently-designed tool for migrating data from Windows file system to SharePoint, One Drive, and Google Drive. One can also migrate SharePoint to SharePoint and Public folders of Exchange & Office 365 to SharePoint. You can migrate documents, folders, views, list items, etc. from any source to destination. Migration from any version of SharePoint to any version of SharePoint is also allowed.


Efficient SharePoint Migration

This utility is designed to migrate documents, List & Library, folders, workflow, etc to SharePoint. This tool allows users to migrate from any version of SharePoint to any version of SharePoint which means that it has no issue with the different versions.

Migrate Windows File System to SharePoint

With this brilliant feature of the tool, any user can migrate his Windows File system data to SharePoint server which includes SharePoint server version 2010/2013, SharePoint Foundation and SharePoint Online (Office 365). And the user can also migrate File system to One Drive and Google Drive.

Public folders to SharePoint Migration

Kernel Migrator for SharePoint allows the user to migrate Public Folders of Exchange server & Office 365 to SharePoint. You can add Public folders of Exchange server & Office 365 in the source fields and then migrate it.

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