Paraben StrongHold Bag

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Paraben's Wireless StrongHold Bag is an "evidence bag" for wireless devices, such as the Blackberry.

In order to prevent a wireless device from connecting to the network, the device (e.g. a Blackberry) can be placed inside of a faraday bag, which blocks radio transmissions.

First responders can help to maintain the integrity of evidence contained in wireless devices through the use of this equipment. It should be noted that power should be supplied to the device if the data is volatile in nature, but the cable may introduce a pathway for electromagnetic signals to penetrate the controlled environment.

Paraben's Wireless StrongHold Bag is weaved from three layers of nickel, copper, and nylon silver. The company also produces a StrongHold Tent, which allows the investigator to enter the radio signal dampened environment and also to bring in other equipment, such as laptops, in order to facilitate the investigation.

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