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A part of Paraben’s collection of forensics tools is Cell Seizure. This piece of software serves the main purpose of collection and examining data pulled from various types of cell phones. The main goal of PDA Seizure is to organize and report various types of files. Following the same guidelines as other Paraben products, cell seizure is able to generate comprehensive HTML reports of acquired data. Moreover the software is able to retrieve deleted files and check for file integrity. Finally a cell phone emulator is built into the software. This feature lets the user view the data acquired from the cell phone in a common display resembling a working cell phone. One important advantage that separates Paraben’s Cell Seizure from other similar products is the fact that it is designed not to change the data stored on the SIM card or phone. In other words all the data can be examined while keeping the process undetected. Most commercial or free software for Cell Phones is designed to not only view data but to upload data to cell phones. This is not a safe way to perform a forensic evaluation of cell phone data. In fact, even some forensic software warns of possible data loss. Cell Seizure does not allow data to be changed on the phone.


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