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PST Repair Tool
Maintainer: SysTools
OS: Windows
Genre: Analysis
License: Commercial
Website: https://www.systoolsgroup.com/outlook-recovery.html

PST Repair Tool initiated by SysTools , repair PST file & fix Outlook PST SMIME or OPENPGP encrypted mails. The Outlook Repair tool is a independent program to repair & restore corrupted PST data files into multiple file formats efficiently. This software equips an understandable and simple interface so, a novice user can also execute the repairing procedure of corruption with it without taking an external help. Afterwards, Outlook PST Repair Tool utility recover hard or permanently deleted Outlook mails from PST data file. Furthermore, tool will also repair Outlook PST data items such as: contacts, emails, calendar, notes, task, journals and so on.


Outlook PST Repair Tool is developed & marketed by SysTools Software Pvt Ltd. Outlook Repair Tool is the easy & simple repairing corrupted PST data file by SysTools software. Moreover, Personal Storage Table or PST is an open proprietary file format used to save local copies of data items such as tasks, calendar, events, email messages and much more other items into Outlook program. The PST file format is controlled by Microsoft who provides free specifications and irreversible technology licensing. Whenever, an Outlook user stores all of their old data into PST file format then they need to prevent their data file from corruption. But, sometimes user face an issue to occurrence of corruption in PST file. So, Outlook recovery software, repair damaged Microsoft Outlook PST file with both Minor and Major Corruption simultaneously. Afterwards, tool is compatible with all versions of Windows 10(32/64 bit) and MS Outlook (32-bit and 64-bit) perfectly.

Product Overview

PST Repair Tool is a prominent and reliable solution to repair corrupted Outlook .pst data files effortlessly. Thus, Outlook Repair tool retrieve password protected corrupted PST files and recover several PST files in batch mode with enterprise/business license. Furthermore, Outlook recovery application is a Windows Operating System based so, it is compatible with all advanced versions of Windows OS such as Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7 and all below versions. The software supports to reading both the UNICODE and ANSI .pst data file recover corruption efficiently without losing a bit of data.


PST Repair Tool is created with taken all the factors into consideration, that make it an appropriate application as compare to others. The creation of this Outlook Repair tool permits to repair and retrieve the hard or permanently deleted and corrupted data from PST file of Outlook. Apart from the emails messages utility helps to repair Other items of Outlook PST data file such as: calendar, contacts, notes, tasks, journals and so on. Outlook recovery application fix Outlook PST data files and previews deleted items in red colour.

Recover Deleted Outlook PST Emails

Utilizing Outlook PST Recovery software, one can fix Outlook PST files & easily repair damaged or corrupted Outlook data files. This application can simply and quickly retrieve permanently deleted mails in MS Outlook PST file items which contains calendars, contacts, notes, journals and so on. One wants to select Advance Mode to repair deleted Outlook emails in batch mode. The Outlook Repair tool reviews retrieved deleted Outlook emails in Red Colour in the preview panel.

Repair PST Data File Items

The Outlook Repair software is programmed to export and upload repaired Outlook PST data files into Microsoft Office 365. The Outlook recovery application not only supports to recover and repair the corrupted or damaged PST data files into batch mode. Thus, it also supports to import Outlook PST files in Office 365 account easily and simply without putting too much efforts. Moreover, one can import other items of Outlook like: calendar, contacts, notes etc.

Fix Particular PST Data Files

MS Outlook data PST files becomes inaccessible and unreadable when in a corrupted condition. Thus, PST Repair Tool furnishes the functionality to repair highly corrupted PST data files. Utility not only permits to batch PST recover but, it also allows to either repair PST file items specifically or in batch as per desire. The Outlook Repair tool provides an option to 'Export Selected' to only store selected items in necessary format.

Do Not Move Empty Folders

The Outlook Recovery utility provides functionality to "Don’t Export Empty Folders" for excluding empty folders effectively. Moreover, for this Uncheck the " Maintain Folder Hierarchy" option and then check "Don’t Export Empty Folders" option for not storing folders which does not includes any data. Utilizing this option, the software will automatically skip the empty folders.

Split Large PST Files and Apply Mail Filters

Using PST Repair Tool, one can break the large PST file size into minor parts with split PST functionality, and repair Outlook PST data file. Moreover, this MS Outlook PST repair software helps to rebuild Outlook PST files without errors and corruption. Thus, one can set a date range and filter all the mails to retrieve PST data file and recover Outlook PST in different formats. Afterwards, this option will help to stores only particular data in a date range specifically.

Store Final Export Summary Report

Software will generate a final export report when, the procedure will begin to repair the corruption and after the completion of the task successfully. Afterwards, the Outlook Repair tool will create an export summary report with location of opted mailbox and migrated file after completion of PST data repairing procedure. Moreover, one can also store the export report regarding the details of repaired corrupted and damaged PST data files as CSV format for future reference.

Preview & Maintain Folder Hierarchy

The SysTools PST Repair Tool can create instant preview of all PST data items. Furthermore, utility provide support to review PST file items in different formats such as: Hex, MIME, Normal and much more. Moreover, Outlook recovery software helps to store Outlook PST data items like mails, contacts, calendars, tasks etc. As per to same folder hierarchy as that already stored in source file. Afterwards, the name and the order of files & folders will not be changed after storing PST files into different file format via using this option.

Extract Encryption From MS Outlook Mail

The Outlook recovery application facilitates an option to decrypt and extract OpenPGP and SMIME encryption from MS outlook mail messages. Moreover, the utility decrypts prevented emails with its particular keys, certificates and passwords. Furthermore, this Outlook Repair tool also review SMIME or OPENPGP encrypted mails and store them in different file formats like: HTML, PST, MSG, and much more feature without an encryption.


When, one wants to buy the product such as PST Repair Tool, there are two different ways provided by the SysTools. Thus, free live demo version and the paid one to download from the official website to utilize the tool. Moreover, as a demo version, Outlook Repair tool contains some disadvantages. Afterwards, one can use this Outlook recovery without any restriction through purchase the licensed version.


Our support team is available 24/7 for any kind of support even, while performing the repairing procedure always present for any kind of uncertainties. Supporting team is developed in the form of an interactive communication for technical support.

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