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PDF Watermark Maker
Maintainer: SysTools
OS: Windows
Genre: Analysis
License: Commercial
Website: https://www.systoolsgroup.com/pdf-watermark.html

PDF Watermark Maker initiated by SysTools , enables the user to insert watermark in PDF files. It lets them add text or images of their own preference to use as the PDF watermark. A number of settings can be applied while making the watermark to meet the requirement of the users.


PDF Watermark Maker comes with a number of useful features, all dedicated to make the process easier to add watermark to PDF documents. The advanced algorithm used in developing this program makes it the perfect tool for personal and professional use.

Apply Watermark on Multiple PDF Files

This application is a self-sufficient tool to add watermark to PDF files. This software can process multiple PDF files at one go. Its simple yet efficient user interface remains its big plus point as all types of users find this application helpful. This utility allows users to determine the destination folder of the processed PDF files.

Add and Remove PDF Files

Bulk PDF files can be added in the software for the purpose of adding watermark. Either Add File(s) or Add folder options can be used to insert watermark in PDF files. There are also Remove and Remove All buttons that will help to remove single or all added PDF files respectively, in case some files have been added by mistake.

Support for Text and Image

As per their requirement, users are allowed to include text or images as the watermark in the PDF files. For including text and image watermark, the PDF Watermark Maker tool provides separate dedicated settings that can be applied easily.

Apply Text Watermark Settings

Users can insert watermark in PDF documents in the form of text also. Prior to the inclusion, users can choose the position of the text on the page of PDF file along with the orientation of the text, i.e., horizontal or vertical. Text font, text color, text size, and text transparency are some of the other settings that can be applied that can be applied for text watermark.

Apply Image Watermark Settings

When it comes to add image watermark to PDF files, images can be included from any location of the system. Some of the popular and common image formats like .jpg, .png, .gif, .jpeg, etc. are supported by this PDF Watermark Maker tool for the watermarking purpose. The image scaling feature offered by the software lets users resize the image. Moreover, users can determine the transparency and position of the image watermark.

Summary and Progress Status

Upon making all the settings selection, a concise summary of the settings will appear on the software window. Users can take a glance at the summary and decide if there are any changes to be made. Besides, the progress status of the watermarking process will also be displayed.


To know about the licensing of this application, visit the official website of PDF Watermark Maker.


An expert team is available online 24/7 for any product related queries. A different medium like the phone call, live chat, email, token service, etc. can be used to get in touch with them. The support team answers user queries promptly.

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