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PDF Page Number Adder
Maintainer: SysTools
OS: Windows
Genre: Analysis
License: Commercial
Website: https://www.systoolsgroup.com/pdf-page-numbering.html

PDF Page Number Adder developed by SysTools , is a futuristic and feature-rich utility which aids to add page numbers to multiple PDF files at once. It is one such utility that not only allows to insert page number to the PDF files but also enables to add date stamp & additional text in the PDF documents. Moreover, the software does not alter any content while doing the PDF file page numbering. It ensures to maintain the data integrity of the PDF file without disturbing the file content.


PDF Page Number Adder software is developed and maintained by SysTools Software Pvt. Ltd. to add page numbers to Adobe PDF document based on the combination files and pages. This application is loaded with impressive features without causing any technical disputes. This PDF Bates Stamping software is available in Demo and Full version. The Demo version allows to insert bates in PDF files, but while saving the file it is saved with a watermark. Whereas, with Full version, users can easily add bates number to multiple PDF files and also save the file without watermark.

Product Overview

PDF Page Number Adder is designed with a user-friendly and sophisticated interface, hence this tool does not require much technical expertise in order to operate it. This application software is compatible with Windows OS. Furthermore, it can support the latest Windows 10 and all the earlier versions of the Windows operating system.


PDF Bates Stamping software is developed with powerful algorithms and hence it ensures to provides a simplified interface to the users. It is a reliable solution to add page numbers to Adobe PDF document without any hassle.

This power-packed tool provides the option to take printout once the page number and Bates stamp is added to the PDF. If the PDF file is encrypted, it can efficiently remove encryption from PDF file so as to add bates stamp. This PDF Page Number adder is a standalone software, thus it does not require Adobe Acrobat during the process of adding bates number to the PDF file. This software is highly used in attorneys and paralegals, legal departments, copy services, etc.

Advanced Page Number Adding Options

PDF file page numbering tool is built to overcome the various limitations faced by the users. This utility allows users to add page number in three different ways. It includes add bates numbers to multiple PDF documents, add bates number for file series, print out bates numbered PDF document.

Set Different Types of Bates Number

The PDF Page Number Adder utility efficiently creates and add page numbers to Adobe PDF document. It allows adding additional details to the page number. This includes adding a suffix or prefix with PDF page number, which is beneficial for checking the series of the Bates number. Users are also allowed to select a start number to insert the Bates number and offers various other such options.

Facilitates to Set Page Number Position

Another feature which this software offers is that one can seamlessly change the position of the page number in different styles like Top left, Top Right, Bottom left, Bottom right. Apart from that, users are also allowed to maintain the same bates number on each PDF document or can add a continuous number series. Also allows stamping the current date on the desired position of the PDF file.

Enables Page Number Formatting

PDF Page number adder software is programmed in such a way that it allows to change the format of the Bates number by setting a desirable font size, or by changing the font color of the page number, etc. This approach of formatting the page number enables to highlight the PDF page number in different ways so that it looks more effectively on the pages.

Innovative File Naming Options

Once the user successfully adds page numbers to Adobe PDF, then PDF Bates Stamping software provides multiple file naming options while saving the PDF document. A user can save the file with the first bates number that has been selected while setting the page number. Moreover, the PDF Page Number Adder also allows users to save PDF file with the original file name.

Save Progress Report

The PDF Bates Numbering Tool generates a complete report with the various options that have been selected during the PDF file page numbering process. This includes placement of the page number, color, font size, number of pages, page layout and many more. The status report also includes the selected PDF along with its preview of the files.


Information related to licensing is clearly mentioned with complete details on the official website of the software.


Technical assistance is rendered by means of email communication, instant chat support, assistance via phone-calls, ticket request service to provide complete technical guidance.

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