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MDB Viewer
Maintainer: SysInfoTools Software[[1]]
OS: Windows
Genre: Analysis
License: Free
Website: MDB Viewer

Sysinfo MDB Viewer is a free and easy way to open & read MDB file. The tool allows users to open the database files of Access Database without using the MS Access application. A user can view healthy as well as corrupted MDB & ACCDB database files and for professional analysis, it provides a tree-structured view of all the file and folders of the MDB file. Now, a user can directly open an MDB file using the MDB Viewer Tool and there will be no need of any fussy or manual method.


  • Allows user to open and read data of MDB & ACCDB files of MS Access.
  • An independent way to preview the files of Access database without the installation of MS Access.
  • No limitations on the size of database files to open and view.
  • Well capable to open healthy as well as corrupt database files.
  • Scans the whole database for any type of corruption.
  • Supports MDB & ACCDB created using any of the MS Access version.
  • Self-intuitive and easy to use GUI for making the process easy and feasible.
  • Compatible with all the versions of the Windows operating systems.


Free Version- Free version of the Sysinfo MDB viewer is intended to help users to open and analyze the MDB and ACCDB files of the Access Database without using MS Access.

Pro Version- If a user wants to recover the corrupt or inaccessible MS Access database from the MDB & ACCDB file then they can opt for the Pro version of the tool.


The technical support team is always available for user support. A user can raise his/her concern to the technical support people for a quick resolution.

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