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Files: *.customDestinations-ms
Files: *.customDestinations-ms
Custdest files reportedly follow a structure of sequential [http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/dd871305%28v=prot.13%29.aspx: MS-SHLLINK] binary format segments.
== AppIDs ==
== AppIDs ==

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Jump Lists are a feature found in Windows 7.

Jump Lists

Jump Lists are a new Windows 7 Taskbar feature that gives the user quick access to recently accessed application files and actions. Jump Lists come in two flavors, automatic (autodest, or *.automaticDestinations-ms) and custom (custdest, or *.customDestinations-ms) files. Autodest files are created by the operating system

Jump Lists are located in the user profile path, in the C:\Users\user\Recent folder. Autodest Jump Lists are located in the automaticDestinations subdirectory, and custdest files are located in the customDestinations subdirectory.


Path: C:\Users\user\Recent\AutomaticDestinations
Files: *.automaticDestinations-ms

The autodest files follow the MS-CFB compound file binary format specification. Each of the numbered streams within the file follows the MS-SHLLINK binary format specification.

The autodest files also contain a stream named "DestList" which acts as a most recently/frequently used (MRU/MFU) list. This stream consists of a 32-byte header, followed by the various structures that correspond to each of the individual numbered streams. Each of these structures is 114 bytes in size, followed by a variable length Unicode string. The first 114 bytes of the structure contains the following information at the corresponding offsets:

Offset Size Description
0x48 16 bytes NetBIOS name of the system; padded with zeros to 16 bytes
0x58 8 bytes Stream number; corresponds to the numbered stream within the jump list
0x64 8 bytes FILETIME object
0x70 2 bytes Number of Unicode characters in the string that follows


Path: C:\Users\user\Recent\CustomDestinations
Files: *.customDestinations-ms

Custdest files reportedly follow a structure of sequential MS-SHLLINK binary format segments.


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