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What is iDEN? Straight from Motorola.com

First introduced in 1994, Motorola's Integrated Digital Enhanced Network (iDEN™) brought to the market next generation wireless solutions designed for a variety of vertical market mobile business applications. Today, iDEN wireless handsets are utilized in a variety of work environments ranging from manufacturing floors to executive conference rooms as well as mobile sales forces.

Motorola iDEN handset users are finding new applications and discovering unique communication solutions every day to help their businesses evolve and grow. For example, Motorola's iDEN solution offers the ability for you to hold a conference with a large number of people, with only the push of a button, helping you eliminate time-wasting and costly individual calls.

Streamlining Communications into One Digital Handset Four-in-one iDEN technology allows business users to take advantage of advanced wireless technologies with one pocket-sized digital handset that combines: two-way digital radio; digital wireless phone; alphanumeric messaging; and data/fax capabilities leveraging Internet access technology.

iDEN technology allows you the freedom to go anywhere while still keeping track of what's important to not only your business but your personal life as well.

Motorola's iDEN solution truly simplifies your life by streamlining all of your communications tools.

More Than a Wireless Phone iDEN technology offers you more than just a wireless phone. It's a Motorola complete communications system that you hold in your hand. Combining speakerphone, voice command, phone book, voice mail, digital two-way radio, mobile Internet and e-mail, wireless modems, voice activation, and voice recordings so that you can virtually recreate your office on the road.

Next Generation Our newest phones-like the i90c-feature innovative J2ME™ technology enabling you to download interactive content and applications-from high-powered business tools to graphically rich games. Motorola's iDEN phones are truly the next generation of communications. If you are interested in developing J2ME applications for the Motorola IDEN phones please visit the Developer Program.

Cutting-Edge System of Technologies iDEN technology is a highly innovative, cutting-edge system of technologies developed by Motorola to create an ideal, complete wireless communications system for today's fast-paced, busy lifestyle. Advanced capabilities bring together the features of dispatch radio, full-duplex telephone interconnect, short messaging service and data transmission.