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FreeBSD 6.2 will be installed
FreeBSD 6.2 will be installed

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This section describes how to set up a FreeBSD system as a disk imaging system.

Install FreeBSD 6.2 on a new computer

  1. Boot the FreeBSD 6.2 CDROM
  2. Hit return to boot the Default
  3. Hit return to select "United States" (or chose your country)
  4. Hit down-arrow and hit return to select "standard install"

Setting up the partition table:

  1. Enter to select "OK." If the geometry is incorrect, enter "OK" to accept.
  2. If there are any partitions, use the up and down arrows to select them and press "d" to delete them.
  3. press "a" to use All of the disk.
  4. press "q" to finish
  5. press the down arrow and hit Enter to select the Standard MBR (no boot manager)

Setting up the FreeBSD partitions:

  1. Press "enter" at the OK prompt.
  2. Press "a" for auto-defaults
  3. Press "q" to accept

Choosing what to install:

  1. Press the down arrow and Enter to select "all" software
  2. Press Enter at the "yes"
  3. Press the up arrow and press Enter to Exit
  4. Press Enter to select CD/DVD
  5. Press Enter to confirm

FreeBSD 6.2 will be installed