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Hacking BootCamp for Investigators [1]

Hacking BootCamp for Investigators is designed for those responsible for cyber crime investigation who must posses a breadth of knowledge regarding the latest technologies, techniques and methodologies in use by cyber criminals. The most effective approach to get into the mind of cyber criminals is to utilize their tools and technologies in a hands-on environment and become familiar with the fundamental hacking process. This four day course is structured with interactive lab environments to allow students to work together and experience real investigative scenarios. Learn how to become the lead investigator in your office and learn to stay one step ahead of the criminals.

Classroom Environment

WetStone has created a unique virtualized cyber-safe environment where investigator and IT professionals can use and experiment with some of the best ...

▫ Botnet		      ▫ Password Cracking
▫ Rootkit		      ▫ Trojan
▫ WORM Developing	      ▫ Phishing
▫ Cracking		      ▫ Wireless Surveillance
▫ Steganography               ▫ Sidejacking
▫ AntiForensic Tool	      ▫ Denial of Service

This unique real time environment provides investigators with direct access and experience with both the cyber weapons and the latest investigation techniques to uncover nefarious activities quickly and efficiently.

Skills Learned

Upon completion of the course, students will have gained knowledge in the fundamentals of malicious software as it pertains to the hacking process.

▫ Offensive planning and execution of cyber weapons
▫ Investigative tools and techniques
▫ Cyber weapon identification
▫ Evidence extraction
▫ Malicious software analysis using Gargoyle Investigator™

Our trainers take you inside the minds of today’s criminals and students completeing the class will be able to execute a full investigation in the respective discipline. Participants proficiency in the above skills will be tested with certification exams.

Contact Information:

1-877-WETSTONE ext. 2

www.wetstonetech.com [2]