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Google Drive to OneDrive Migration
Maintainer: SysTools
OS: Windows
Genre: Analysis
License: Commercial
Website: https://www.systoolsgroup.com/google-drive/onedrive/

Google Drive to OneDrive is the file transfer application developed by SysTools to move data from G Drive to OneDrive for business. The utility is reliable, flexible, and permit users to save Drive’s data to OneDrive folder. Google Drive to OneDrive Migration tool is a well-suited application to copy items like photos, videos, PDFs, text, etc. In addition, it does not require anything to install like any software or extension.


The G Drive to OneDrive is designed by keeping a thought in mind i.e., to make migration between the drives convenient for the user. Unlike many other applications, this utility is completely safe and secure to be installed on the local machine. It guarantees privacy while integrating G Drive with OneDrive. The software fulfills almost all the basic demands of the users that might encounter during the migration process. In coming years, there will be further enhancement also to let users have a great experience.

Product Overview

G Drive to OneDrive Migrator is a standalone application developed to let users switch from Google Drive to OneDrive for business. The software is programmed by keeping both technical and non-technical users in mind. The graphical user interface of the application is very simpler and easier to use. Moreover, it can be installed or launched on any version of Microsoft Windows.


Easy Data Migration Between Drives

Google Drive to OneDrive Migration is a new advanced application to move data from G Drive to OneDrive business account. This allows to transfer all type of data items like photos, archive files, PDFs, .txt, .xlsx, .jpeg, .docx, etc., in an efficient manner. All data after migration will be saved with the current date of migration.

Provide G Drive Admin Credentials

The software requires source admin ID before starting the migration between G Drive to OneDrive. In order to validate the admin account, the scope needs to defined first. After that, all given steps must be followed properly. When all this is done, a G Drive to OneDrive Migration process can be taken place.

Migrate Selective Data & Permissions

Using this application, a selective data migration can also be done. There are numbers of filters offered by the application to customize the complete migration process:

"Permissions:" Option to migrate permissions like Read, Write, Comment during Google Drive to OneDrive export process. It allows to change the default permissions. "Date Range:" This option allows to move only specific data that comes under the predefined date range. "Move Particular File Type:" Option to migrate only particular type of file types from G Drive to OneDrive.

Resume the Stopped Process

The G Drive to OneDrive migration tool is best in its functionality. It has many features to attract users. When the software begins the export process, it will be displayed on the main screen. Moreover, to avoid any type of interruption or hindrance, the software provides a Pause and Resume option. In case of any interruption, the process can be paused and resumed it later on whenever required.

G Drive Folder Hierarchy Intact

The most important demand of the users is that after migration they want the data in the same structure as in G Drive. The application is designed in a way that after Google Drive to OneDrive Migration process, the folder structure remains intact. This will prevent any inconvenience faced by accessing the exported data in OneDrive.

A Complete Migration Report

In order to have a complete idea about what has exactly happened during the migration process, the software generates an Export Report in CSV format. In addition, the export report contains whole details that are important from the user’s point of view. For example, Google Drive id, OneDrive id, document, status, duration etc. using this report, it becomes to recognize and analyze the last migration process.


There are two different versions provided by the SysTools at the time of purchasing that one can avail. The free version of the application is easy to download from the official website without paying anything. But being a demo version, it has some limitations like export first 50 items. Thus, to have full access to the application, one needs to purchase the licensed version without any restriction.


The organization provides 24X7 continuous support to its clients whenever required. They are always available on chat and offers online support option also to resolve the query as soon as possible.

External Site

G Drivr to OneDrive Migration Website |