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eForensics Magazine
eForensics Magazine is a downloadable magazine focused on digital forensics. It features articles by digital forensics specialists and enthusiasts, experts in Mobile, Computer, Network and Database Forensics. It covers all aspects of electronic forensics, from theory to practice, from methodologies and standards to tools and real-life solutions. Each magazine features a cover focus, and articles from our regular contributors, covering news and up-to-date topics. The magazine also offers online courses on various aspects of digital forensics.

Online courses offered by eForensics Magazine

Course Name Course page Instructor
Advanced Smartphone Forensics http://eforensicsmag.com/course/advanced-smartphone-forensics-w14/ Massa Fabio
CCFP Training http://eforensicsmag.com/course/isc2-ccfp-training-preview-w13-2/ Jay C. Grant
CFIP Masterclass http://eforensicsmag.com/course/cfip-masterclass-w12/ IICFIP
Computer Forensics in Practice http://eforensicsmag.com/course/computer-forensics-in-practise-w4-2/ Shweta A. Chawla
Forensics Imaging http://eforensicsmag.com/course/forensics-imaging-practical-course-w10-2/ Bridgette Braxton
How to Build a PenTest Lab http://eforensicsmag.com/course/how-to-build-a-pentest-lab-w17/ Paul Janes
Introduction to Digital Forensics http://eforensicsmag.com/course/introduction-to-digital-forensics-w5/ Inveet Singh
Learn Acquisition of a Digital Evidence Using Caine GNU/Linux Forensics Distro http://eforensicsmag.com/course/digital-forensics-using-caine-gnulinux-forensics-distro-w9-2/ Nanni Basatti
Malware Analysis StarterKit http://eforensicsmag.com/course/cyber-intelligence-2/ Anderson Tamborim
Master Your CSA Star http://eforensicsmag.com/course/csa/ John DiMaria
Mastering Metasploit Network http://eforensicsmag.com/course/mastering-metasploit-framework-w11/ Gabriele Biondo
Packet Analysis With Wireshark and PCAP Analysis Tools http://eforensicsmag.com/course/packetanalysis/ Eric A. Vanderburg
Practical Social Engineering http://eforensicsmag.com/course/social-engineering-w16/ Anderson Tamborim
Ultimate CISSP Training http://eforensicsmag.com/product/ultimate-cissp-training/ John Dively
Windows Forensic Analysis http://eforensicsmag.com/course/windows-forensics-analysis-w14/ Muhammad Irfan
Wireless Security Attacks https://eforensicsmag.com/course/wireless-security-attack-w18/ Shad Malloy

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