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Cigati Solutions is a software development firm headquartered and operating from the capital city of India with a mass application in data and email-client architecture. In 2014 the organization came in existence to provide quality software solutions for data recovery & email management. Later as watching the growing demand, the organization started providing Email Migration, and Cloud Backup utilities as well


The Company came into existence in the year of 2014 and it was commenced to the idea of providing solutions for data recovery and email management. Since then a large range of software solutions have been developed and provided to the users. In the initial period, the company was providing Data Management tools but after the complete establishment, Cigati took a step further into the field of Email Migration and Cloud Backup. The venture is working with immense expertise, zeal, hard work, and a good vision to provide reliable and feasible software. All the efforts are done just to carry through the niche of the organization which is Customer Satisfaction.


The Key intend of Cigati Solutions is to provide Quality and User-oriented tools to its users. From day one, the crave of the organization is customer satisfaction and reliable products. The software offered by them is highly cost-effective and most feasible to perform Data Recovery, Email Migration and for creating Cloud Backup at the same time. Over the past few years, the company has received accolades for its great job. Cigati itself is a surfeit of the solutions for the users to their data recovery, migration, and backup needs which makes it a step closer to its objective and vision.

Products & Services

Cigati Solutions is a name in itself. The firm has a wide range of applications and tools ranging from data recovery, email migration, database management & recovery, freeware tools and password recovery tools. Being a volatile market and users with various need and wants, they have recently launched tools which runs on MAC operating systems as well. So now, they have tools or software applications which runs on both Windows and MAC. Software's for Linux are still in development stage.

How It Is Different

Cigati Solutions is well known for its commitment to innovation and for providing some of the smartest and advanced tools available in the world. Their tools are overloaded with multi-functionality features which make the user issues easy to resolve and fix. Where other brands prefer to stick to the same algorithms for years, Cigati, on the other hand, updates their algorithm from time to time to meet the end-user requirement. They also offer tailored or customizable software as per the users need. Each of their tools is packed with an intuitive graphical user interface which makes the handling of the tool easy and efficient. As a result, there is no need for a user to be a technical-sounding person to operate the tool. Cigati Solutions utilities comprise optimized algorithms, a self-descriptive interface to operate and adaptability in nature which makes the organization stand on a different level in a small timespan.

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