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Note: We're trying to use the same tool template for all devices. Please use this if possible.

DEFT Linux
A Live CD built on top of Xubuntu with the best tools for computer forensics and incident response.
It's a very light and fast live system created for the Computer Forensics specialists.
The first live CD with AFF, dhash and Xplico.
A Linux Live CD, designed and optimized for previewing data in a forensically sound manner. It contains a number of programs forensic practitioners can utilize to preview both Windows and Linux systems.
FCCU Gnu/Linux Boot CD
A Live CD built on top of Debian Live with a lot of tools with forensic purpose.
A forensic Live CD built on top of Debian.
Helix3 (Helix3 Pro)
A Live CD built on top of Ubuntu with special tools for incident response and electronic discovery.
MacQuisition Boot CD
A forensic Live CD built for imaging Macintosh systems.
Masterkey Linux
A Linux Live CD built on top of Slackware featuring a wide variety of free and open source tools, focused on both Incident Response and Computer Forensic Examination.
A forensic Live CD built on top of Knoppix.
Recovery Is Possible
A Linux Live CD with a number of recovery applications such as TestDisk, PhotoRec, etc.
SAFE Boot Disk
The first and only commercially available forensically sound Windows Boot disk.
Includes built-in driver support, access to the NTFS file system and built-in software write blocking.
Two Live CDs built on top of Slackware and Ubuntu. Includes SMART and other forensic tools.
A forensic Live CD built on top of Knoppix.
Windows Forensic Environment (aka WinFE, Windows FE)
A Windows based forensic CD based off the Windows Pre-Installation Environment.

Out of date Live CDs

Knoppix STD
A Live CD built on top of Knoppix.
Penguin Sleuthkit
A Linux Live CD that includes SleuthKit.
A FreeBSD based forensics Bootable ISO (includes Autopsy and Sleuth Kit).

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