BlackBag Technologies, Inc.

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BlackBag Technologies, Inc. is a company which sells forensics software for Macintosh computers.



  • BlackBag BlackLight - cross platform Mac OS and Windows forensic software
  • BlackBag Mobilyze - for acquisition and analysis of iOS and Android devices
  • BlackBag MacQuisition - acquire Apple systems and live memory
  • BlackBag Softblock - Mac OS X software write block
  • MacQuisition Boot CD

Free Tools

  • DMG Assist - Read only .dmg mounting
  • DMG Correct - Mount iPhone forensic images
  • DMG Rename - Raw .001 segmented file .dmg renaming
  • Epoch Converter - Raw timestamp conversion to many different timestamp formats, including Mac OS specific time calculation
  • IOReg Info - Display IORegistry connected devices information
  • LockMaster - Lock multiple files, including nested ones
  • PMAP Info - Display physical partitions of device

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