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Maintainer: Foo labs
OS: Cross-platform
Genre: Metadata
License: GPL
Website: foolabs.com/xpdf/

pdfinfo is a small utility which shows (parts of) the metadata stored in PDF files. It is part of the xpdf package.


$ pdfinfo nsa-redact.pdf
Title:          Redacting with Confidence:  How to Safely Publish Sanitized Reports Converted from Word to PDF
Subject:        I333-015R-2005
Keywords:       word, pdf, redaction, metadata
Author:         SNAC
Creator:        activePDF DocConverter
Producer:       5D PDFLib
CreationDate:   Tue Jan 10 11:15:26 2006
ModDate:        Fri Jan 20 09:05:43 2006
Tagged:         no
Pages:          14
Encrypted:      no
Page size:      612 x 792 pts (letter)
File size:      681417 bytes
Optimized:      yes
PDF version:    1.3

The -meta command line option shows some more metadata (in XML format).