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Jump Lists

Jump Lists are a new Windows 7 Taskbar feature that gives the user quick access to recently accessed application files and actions. Jump Lists come in two flavors, automatic (autodest, or *.automaticDestinations-ms) and custom (custdest, or *.customDestinations-ms) files. Autodest files are created by the operating system

Jump Lists are located in the user profile path, in the C:\Users\user\Recent folder. Autodest Jump Lists are located in the automaticDestinations subdirectory, and custdest files are located in the customDestinations subdirectory.


Path: C:\Users\user\Recent\AutomaticDestinations Files: *.automaticDestinations

Structure - The autodest files follow the MS-CFB compound file binary format specification.


Path: C:\Users\user\Recent\CustomDestinations Files: *.customDestinations



1b4dd67f29cb1962Explorer (task bar folder icon)
1bc392b8e104a00eRemote Desktop
23646679aaccfae0Adobe Reader 9 x64
271e609288e1210aAccess 2010 x86
28c8b86deab549a1Internet Explorer x86
290532160612e071WinRar x64
2b53c4ddf69195fcZune x64
3094cdb43bf5e9c2OneNote 2010 x86
5da8f997fd5f9428Internet Explorer x64
74d7f43c1561fc1eWindows Media Player
9839aec31243a928Excel 2010 x86
9b9cdc69c1c24e2bNotepad x64
9c7cc110ff56d1bdPowerPoint 2010 x86
a7bd71699cd38d1cWord 2010 x86
b8c29862d9f95832InfoPath 2010 x86
b91050d8b077a4e8Windows Media Center x64
be71009ff8bb02a2Outlook x86
d64d36b238c843a3InfoPath 2010 x86
e36bfc8972e5ab1dXPS Viewer
17d3eb086439f0d7TrueCrypt 7.0a
adecfb853d77462aMSWord 2007
c71ef2c372d322d7PGP Desktop 10
cdf30b95c55fd785MSExcel 2007
f5ac5390b9115fdbMSPowerPoint 2007
12dc1ea8e34b5a6MSPaint 6.1
431a5b43435cc60bPython (.pyc)
469e4a7982cea4d4? (.job)
50620fe75ee0093VMWare Player 3.1.4
65009083bfa6a094(app launched via XPMode)
7e4dca80246863e3Control Panel
83b03b46dcd30a0eiTunes 10