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   website = [http://www.ilook-forensics.org/ ilook-forensics.org] |
   website = [http://www.ilook-forensics.org/ ilook-forensics.org] |
'''ILook''' is an all-in-one [[computer forensics]] suite currently maintained by the [[Internal Revenue Service]] ([[IRS]]). It is available free of charge to law enforcement agencies and certain US government agencies. iLook is not available to the general public.
The suite consists of the [[ILook External Imager]] ([[IXimager]]), an analysis program, and a few utilities. IXimager is a Linux-based custom boot CD that produces forensically authenticatable compressed output. The imager is generated from a licensed copy of iLook. Version 8 is the currently distributed version of iLook.
==File Systems Understood==
iLook V8 currently identifies and supports [[FAT12]], [[FAT16]], [[FAT32]], [[FAT32x]], [[VFAT]], [[NTFS]], [[HFS]], [[HFS Plus|HFS+]], [[Ext2FS]], [[Ext3FS]], [[SysV-AFS]], [[SysV-EAFS]], [[SysV-HTFS]], [[NWFS]], [[CDFS]], and [[UDF]]. File system support of additional file systems is ongoing.
==File Search Facilities==
* Lists allocated and unallocated files.
* Sorts files by type.
* Searches for keywords.
* Works with compressed zip files.
==Historical Reconstruction==
Can it build timelines and search by creation date?
==Searching Abilities==
* Searches for keywords.
* Builds an index.
==Hash Databases==
* Hashes and compares using custom as well as the [[Hashkeeper]] [[hash database]] using [[MD5]] and [[FIPS 180-2]] compliant algorithms (e.g. [[SHA-1]]). Also uses the [[NSRL|NIST NSRL library]].
==Evidence Collection Features==
==License Notes==
* [http://www.ilook-forensics.org/iLookv8eula.html EULA]
==External Reviews==
== External Links ==
* [http://www.ilook-forensics.org/ Official website]
* [http://www.perlustro.com/IV8Changelog.html ILook v8 Changelog]

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Maintainer: IRS
OS: Windows
Genre: Analysis
License: EULA
Website: ilook-forensics.org