AFF Development Task List

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High Priority

  • Create man pages and/or documentation for AFF toolkit (e.g. aimage, afxml, etc)
  • Create man pages and/or documentation for AFF library functions (e.g. af_open, af_get_imagesize)
  • Build library as a shared library using libtool. This will allow developers using the library to just link to the AFF. Without it, developers must link to the static library and the individual libraries necessary on that machine. There is no good way to determine those extra libraries.

Medium Priority

  • How about renaming the library to libaff? That would allow developers to link with -laff instead of -lafflib. To my knowledge, there is no existing library named AFF already.

Low Priority

  • Add library function to open standard input. Perhaps:
AFFILE * af_open_stdin(void);